Notes (S1: EP15-22)

=========== 1-15 There’s a path for everyone. Your path leads back to me. It’s a 100% BAU case


There’s a path for everyone.
Your path leads back to me.

It’s a 100% BAU case.

I knows things will work out the way they’re meant to.
Same as I know my daddy still won’t be happy to see you.

Stone killer, as he got the name for himself, suddenly disappeared after
he had killed 7 people. The FBI told us that a serial killer would never
stop until he was arrested, or dead. 18 years later, Stone killer began
to kill people again. Why? Why now? Why did he change the commit partum
as he had been very proud of? And why were the victims not girls but old

Here are the reasons. 18 years ago, he met an accident. He got seriously
damaged on the body, which made him spend days in bed for years. Now
when he feels better, he begins the killing again.
The answer for the last question is not about his power less, but the
selected target girls are older now.


It looks like about region, but political reasons actually.
6 young men got killed in a cruel way.

Politics is the tool to manage the world, and it also the reasons of


The system makes us disappointed sometimes; people have be waiting for a
hero. Now he comes. He killed those who had done bad things with a not
guilty verdict in the court. They should be punished, as he thought;
many others agree with him. But the way he took as a punishment was rude
and cruel, no hesitations at all. Is it right or wrong? many people
published different opinions in public. Some of them support him and
sustain that the hero comes for helping the police.

Good or bad, right or wrong, hero or paranoia, who can tell it?



Photos mean a lot; an art work made of a photo’s pieces randomly
arranged hanging on the wall tell us that the Hollywood star’s high
school life, and the key clue to find the criminal. A girl, college
mate, close friend, whatever, wrong love feeling lead to a serial



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